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My week in theater

It was my first full five day week at work since I arrived two weeks ago. On Monday, we were suppose to leave early for my roommate's 22nd birthday. It was a long day in surgery as well. It was a day that was focused on the male organ, the prostate! The first three surgeries that we saw we TURPS. Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate in other words, which means in English that the prostate is being blocked so the surgeons go in and cut away the tissue that is in the way of the prostate. The next surgery after our " After that, we had a "turpy" morning was a prostectomy. It was a normal procedure, the patient was given an anesthetic that was given regional so he wasn't fully asleep, and the surgeons were expecting a routine surgery until the prostate came out. The prostate was the size of a baseball and weighed about half a pound. It was ridiculous! After that, we left work to go celebrate the birthday. We were going to go on a pirate ship but the swells were too big so instead, we went to a local bar to drink beer and celebrate. Tuesday was a long day as well. We saw a patient who had TB in their rectum, another patient had their toenails removed and there were about three hemorrhoid repairs. Wednesday was one of the toughest days. An accident happened early that morning near the hospital. A mini-bus taxi was hit by a train and 10 children died. The taxi was waiting for the train but decided that they could beat the train so they past the boons and 10 children died. Many people at the hospital were effected and that night, I had to go on call. None of the children actually came to our hospital but one of the mothers who lost a child in the accident. Before we were aware of the extent of the accident, we were in theater and saw the removal of a Sebaceous cyst. Later, I scrubbed in on the removal of a lipoma on the knee. That night, I was on call and saw even more bizarre stuff. I saw a month old dog bite that got infected, a mass on someone's throat, deep vein thrombosis, boy with epilepsy, and a girl who had a swollen knee. I got to sleep that night for about 6 hours, thankfully, and continued to work on Thursday. Thursday was a slow day, we saw two surgeries total On was an umbilical hernia repair and the other was the removal of a lipoma on the neck. After that, we bonded with the nurses and hung out around the hospital. After work, we went to our weekly meeting to talk about the ongoing civil service strike that was going on at the time. Friday was the day we spent most of the day in lecture talking about the causes of heart attacks. That night, we went to our usual hang outs at long street. It was a long week for me. It was strenuous, heart breaking and tough but it was a week that I won't forget.

Posted by smtn912 11:47

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